Extra Credit

Creative Ways to Support Brain Injury Services!

As encouraged as we are by the accomplishments we have made as an organization, they pale in comparison to the tremendous personal achievements we see our clients make, day in and day out. This is why we want to invite all our supporters to join us in creative ways which can support our programs. Below is a list of programs you can join which would support Brain Injury Services followed by a creative list of extras!

Extra Ideas to Support Brain Injury Services

  • Estate Planning - Consider donating a portion of your estate to Brain Injury Services.
  • Matching Gifts - Check to see if your employer will match your gift to Brain Injury Services.
  • Personal Fundraiser - Have some generous friends? Host a party to raise money for Brain Injury Services.
  • Sponsor an Event - Take a look at our event calendar! Is there a way you can sponsor one of them?

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