How You Help

Have you ever lost your keys?

What do you do? All of the sudden your car, your house, and your office are suddenly closed and impenetrable.

Anyone who has suffered an acquired brain injury knows what it is to panic, to feel helpless; for many of them have lost the keys that operate their lives – the ability to drive, to care for themselves, and to work a regular job. As they struggle to regain some of what they have lost, they encounter many locked doors, and when they return to familiar places they often find them cold and uninviting. 

With the your help Brain Injury Services assists some of these men, women, and children who are retrieving the keys that unlock their past. Many are again enjoying independent living and mobility while rebuilding their self-confidence and sense of security.  Each key, each skill, each opportunity they recover is a cause for celebration.

Can you help Brain Injury Services? Every gift, every volunteer, every individual can make a difference.  What difference can you make today? Explore our website and get involved!

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