The “Collaborative Rehabilitation to Enhance Stroke Treatment” (CREST) Program is an innovative approach to addressing the emerging health needs of the stroke/brain injury community. The CREST program assists both chronic and post-acute stroke/brain injury survivors in achieving functional goals that add meaning and quality to his/her life. CREST services address the complex and dynamic cognitive, physical, and social challenges associated with stroke/brain injury.

CREST utilizes innovative team-based services, cutting-edge technologies, and specialized interventions to assist survivors in discovering individualized solutions so independence, proficiency, and dignity can be maintained or improved.

Keeping with best practice, CREST uses a transdisciplinary/holistic approach to services. This approach uses a blend of targeted case management services in conjunction with specialized therapeutic interventions. This approach helps in fostering success within a client’s natural environments/scenarios and encourages team members to address client needs in a flexible, dynamic, and organic manner.

The CREST Program has two clinical Case Managers, a Speech Language Pathologist, and an Occupational Therapist all of which are Certified Brain Injury Specialists.

What makes the CREST Program unique?

  • The goal of CREST is not to replace or duplicate existing services. We aim to develop a novel transdisciplinary program that facilitates a collaborative relationship between all professionals to enhance the overall quality of care for survivors of stroke/brain injury.
  • CREST supports the continuum of care by helping survivors who have “graduated” from traditional therapy/medical services yet continue to require on-going supports.
  • This program has a unique opportunity to bring many different disciplines together to make a significant impact on the outcome of “community survival” after an individual experiences a stroke/brain injury.
  • CREST acknowledges that each survivor has a different “brain injury profile” which requires a tailored intervention plan to promote the recovery process. CREST service providers are Certified Brain Injury Specialists, so you can be assured that they understand the common and more complex challenges of brain injury.
  • Rather than relying solely on improvement gaged by arbitrary measures, CREST clients measure their success by continuously examining their ability to perform meaningful and functional activities and their progress towards goals which they designed with their CREST service provider.
  • Brain injury recovery is a process…one that can be challenging at times. The service providers in the CREST Program recognize this and strive to help lessen the challenges and help our clients to build the skills and confidence they need to lead a fulfilling and productive life.

How can we help?

CREST services can help clients in improving their ability to complete tasks with more ease, interact within their community, and management their recovery through:

  • brain injury education
  • cognitive domain training
  • problem solving and decision trees
  • medication management training
  • alternative and augmentative communication training
  • learning tools/memory aids
  • app recommendations to support cognitive function and ADLs
  • computer-based training
  • health tracking/management
  • stress management strategies
  • organization support


The CREST Program is a grant supported program with funding through the Potomac Health Foundation. The Potomac Health Foundation serves the communities of eastern Prince William County, Virginia and adjacent communities in southeast Fairfax and north Stafford Counties.

CREST services are offered to survivors of brain injury/stroke living in the following areas:

  • 20112- Manassas
  • 22025- Dumfries
  • 22026- Dumfries
  • 22125- Occoquan
  • 22079- Lorton
  • 22134- Quantico
  • 22191- Woodbridge
  • 22192- Lake Ridge
  • 22193- Dale City
  • 22554- Aquia
  • 22556- Garrisonville


Clients that reside within the Potomac Health Foundation (PHF) Service Area are eligible to pay for CREST services on a sliding scale. The adjusted rate will be determined based upon the BIS Financial Eligibility Form. The service fee will be waived completely for clients residing in the PHF Service Area that are found financially eligible. Please contact our office for further details about service fees at 571-285-2480.


Anyone can refer an individual to the CREST Program but the individual with a brain injury must desire to enroll in the program. Individuals residing in the service areas for the CREST Program please call 571-285-2480.

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